Port Services

As the gateway to Nigeria’s inland waterways, Ports and Jetty Services play a pivotal role in facilitating seamless connectivity, efficient cargo handling, and safe berthing for vessels of all sizes. Whether it’s the bustling activity of major ports or the essential services provided by smaller jetties and landing points, our Ports and Jetty Services division ensures that maritime trade, passenger transport, and recreational activities thrive along Nigeria’s waterborne corridors.

From dredging operations and berth maintenance to cargo handling operations and passenger facilitation, our team is committed to optimizing port infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting best practices in port management to meet the evolving needs of maritime stakeholders and drive economic growth across the nation

Berth Allocation and Management
Cargo Handling and Storage
Pilotage Services
Tugboat and Towage Services
Port Facilities Maintenance
Environmental Management

Waterways Safety Guidelines

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