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Providing Ways & Means on Nigerian Waters.

About NIWA

The National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) was established vide act of the National Assembly, CAP 47, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN), 2004 (Decree No. 13 of 1997), with the primary responsibility to improve and develop Nigeria’s inland waterways for navigation.

Provide regulation for inland water navigation;
provide an alternative mode of transportation for the evacuation of economic goods and persons: and
execute the objectives of the national transport policy as they concern inland waterway

Our Mission

To provide regulatory, economical and operational leadership in the Nation’s Inland Waterways system and develop infrastructural facilities for an efficient intermodal transportation system in line with global best practices that is safe, seamless and affordable.

Our Vision

To make Nigeria the leader in inland water Transportation, development and management in Africa.

Structured to deliver on our
mandate and core functions.

Area Offices
Shore Protection
Shore protection works are essential engineering interventions designed to safeguard coastal areas, riverbanks, and waterfronts from erosion, flooding, and other natural hazards. We employ a variety of techniques and structures to stabilize shorelines, mitigate erosion, and protect adjacent infrastructure and communities.
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River Flow Measurements
River flow measurements are crucial for understanding the behaviour of rivers, managing water resources, and mitigating risks associated with flooding and drought. These measurements involve the collection of data related to the volume, velocity, and characteristics of water flowing through a river at specific locations and times.
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Cargo Handling
Cargo handling encompasses the entire process of loading, unloading, stowing, and securing cargo on ships, trucks, trains, or aircraft for transportation. It involves a range of activities and specialized equipment to ensure efficient and safe movement of goods from origin to destination.
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Search and Rescue
Search and rescue (SAR) operations are coordinated efforts to locate, assist, and rescue individuals or groups in distress or imminent danger in various environments, including land, sea, air, and remote wilderness areas. These operations involve our highly trained personnel, specialized equipment, and efficient communication systems to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies.
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Some of Our Work
We are committed
To preserving the ecological balance and promoting responsible use of our water resources.
Shore Protection River Flow Measurements Cargo Handling Search & Rescue

NIWA, as an agency of government at all times, remains resolute to uphold the tenets of fairness and justice in discharging its official responsibilities to all clients.

Bola Oyebamiji
MD/CEO - National Inland Waterways Authority
Charting a Digital Course for Waterways Management!

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Stay informed and stay ahead on all matters concerning National Inland waterways Authority (NIWA). Critical updates, advancements, and initiatives shaping the future of our waterways.

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