The National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), a Parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Transportation (FMOT) with Headquarters at Lokoja, Kogi State in line with the Public Procurement Act, 2007 hereby invites reputable and experienced Contractors to submit Tenders for the under-listed projects contained in year 2017 Budget Appropriation.

2.0. WORKS
i. Procurement and Installation of Buoys on River Niger Lot 1.
ii. Dredging of Turning Basin (Baro) Lot 2.
iii. River Training Works by Dredging Option from Baro (Ajaokuta – Idah) Lot 3.
iv. River Training Works by Dredging Option from Baro (Idah – Ilushi) Lot 4.
v. River Training Works by Dredging Option from Baro (Ilushi – Illah) Lot 5.
vi. River Training Works by Dredging Option from Baro (Illah – Onitsha) Lot 6.
vii. Sweeping of Calabar Water Front – Lot 7.
viii. Construction of two (2) Bed room Bungalows Lot 8.
ix. Construction of one (1) Bed room Bungalows Lot 9.
x. Construction of Fencing/Access Road (Baro Port) Lot 10.
xi. Connection of Baro Port Complex to the National Electricity Grid – Lot 11.
xii. Shore Protection Work (Berger Jetty, Ajaokuta) Lot 12.
xiii. Dredging of River Umuakwu in Isiala Ngwa Abia State Lot 13.
xiv. Channelization of River Umuakwu in Isiala Ngwa Abia State Lot 14.
xv. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Adamawa State) Lot 15.
xvi. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Anambra State) Lot 16.
xvii. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Bayelsa State) Lot 17.
xviii. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Benue State) Lot 18.
xix. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Delta State) Lot 19.
xx. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Kebbi State) Lot 20.
xxi. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Ogun State) Lot 21.
xxii. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Ondo State I) Lot 22.
xxiii. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Ondo State II) Lot 23.
xxiv. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Edo State ) Lot 24.
xxv. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Kogi State ) Lot 25.
xxvi. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Lagos a State ) Lot 26.
xxvii. Manual Clearing of Water Hyacinth and Aquatic Weeds (Taraba State ) Lot 27.
xxviii. Construction of Building (Makurdi Area Office ) Lot 28.
xxix. Construction of Building (Yola Area Office) Lot 29.
xxx. Rehabilitation of Building (Porthcourt Area Office) Lot 30.
xxxi. Rehabilitation of Building (Lagos Area Office) Lot 31.
xxxii. Rehabilitation of Building(Lokoja Dockyard) Lot 32.
xxxiii. Rehabilitation of Building (Warri Dockyard) Lot 33.
xxxiv. Extension of Retaining Wall and Rehabilitation of Jetty (Lokoja Dockyard) Lot 34.
xxxv. Construction of Community Hall with Land Scaping (Lokoja) Lot 35.
xxxvi. Bathymetric Survey (Baro to Lokoja) Lot 36.
xxxvii. Bathymetric Survey (Baro, Lokoja to Onyedega) Lot 37.
xxxviii. Bathymetric Survey (Baro, Onyedega to Onitsha) Lot 38
xxxix. Bathymetric Survey (Baro, Onitsha to Bifurcation) Lot 39.
xl. Procurement and Installation of Anchorages on River Niger and Forcados Lot 40.
xli. Procurement /Installation of Internet Services in Thirteen (13) NIWA Area Offices Lot 41.
xlii. Procurement /Installation of Internet Services in Three (3) NIWA Area Offices Lot 42.

3.0. GOODS
i. Procurement of 500T Dumb Barge (Lot 43).
ii. Procurement of 800T Dump Barge (Lot 44).
iii. Procurement of 1000T Dump Barge(Lot 45).
iv. Procurement of Fuel/Water Supply Barge (Lot 46).
v. Procurement of Geo – Informatics Equipment (Lot 47).

i. Computerization of NIWA Accounting System Lot 48.
ii. Baro Port Training & Capacity Building of NIWA Staff, River Users & Stakeholders (South East/South South) Lot 49.
iii. Baro Port Training & Capacity Building of NIWA Staff, River Users & Stakeholders (South West/North Central) Lot 50.
iiii. Baro Port Training & Capacity Building of NIWA Staff, River Users & Stakeholders (North West/North East) Lot 51.

Details of the Scope of Works for all the projects above shall be provided in the Tender (Bidding) documents.


  • Evidence of Incorporation/Registration with CAC;
  • Company’s Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 years (ie 2014-2016);
  • Company’s Audited Account for the last 3 years (2014-2016) Certified by Chartered Accountant/Auditor;
  • Evidence of Financial Capability and Banking Support (Bank Reference from a reputable bank)
  • Evidence of Registration on the Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service providers by inclusion of the Interim Registration Report (IRR) issued by BPP in line with provision of Section V (23) (3e) of the PPA, 2007;
  • Evidence of Compliance Certificate in line with the provision of Section 6 (10) (3) of the amended Industrial Training fund (ITF) Act No.19 of 2011;
  • Current Certificate of Compliance issued by the National Pension Commission, in line with the Pension Reform Act, 2004;
  • Evidence of current Registration with the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).


  • Corporate profile of firm including CV’s of key personnel, registered address, functional email address and GSM Phone numbers (s);
  • Evidence of similar verifiable and successfully executed projects or ongoing by the Company with Letters of Award and Completion Certificates (ie the last 5 years),
  • List of equipment owned or on leasehold by the Company relevant for the execution of the project (for works projects only and evidence of ownership with pictures and Company Logo is an added advantage).
  • The Original Equipment Manufacturers’ representation or Authorization letter should be included for the Supply of Equipment (Lots 43 to 46);
  • A sworn affidavit affirming that all information presented in the Tender are true and correct of the Company, and no officer of the Authority is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bid;
  • A statement of declaration of Affidavit attesting to the fact that none of the bidders’ Company Directors/Principal Officers has ever been convicted for any criminal offences/ confirmation of legal Capacity to enter contract.

Interested companies are to pay a non-refundable fee of N25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira only in favour of “National Inland Waterways Authority” through REMITA ( i.e. ) for Tender Documentation and obtain a Printout to enable Company collect the Tender (Technical & Financial Bid) documents from the Procurement Unit, NIWA HQ Lokoja.

The Completed Prequalification, Expression of Interest and Technical/Financial Bid Documents should be written in English Language, signed, sealed and marked “CONFIDENTIAL”. Each envelope should be clearly marked accordingly to indicate PREQUALIFICATION or EXPRESSION OF INTEREST with the “Project Title” boldly indicated and addressed as indicated below while the combined Technical and Financial Tenders shall boldly indicate the ‘Project Title’ and packaged separately then enclosed in one large envelop addressed to:

The Managing Director,
National Inland Waterways Authority,
Headquarters, Adankolo New Layout, Lokoja, Kogi State.

The Tender Register must be signed at the point of submission.

Prospective Bidders should note that:

  • Submissions for Lots 1 to 6 shall be for PREQUALIFICATION of bidders. All Prequalification documents should be hand delivered into the “Tender Box” at the NIWA Headquarters, Lokoja not later than 12:00noon on Monday 28th August, 2017. Only successful bidders from the prequalification exercise shall be invited to submit financial proposals for these projects at a later date to be communicated.
  • Submissions for Lots 7 to 47, shall be for combined technical and financial tenders. All Tender (Technical and Financial) documents should be hand-delivered into the “Tender Box” at the NIWA Headquarters, Lokoja not later than 12:00noon on Wednesday 20th September, 2017.
  • Submissions for Lots 48 to 51 shall be for EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) with the Project Title and Lot Number boldly written on the Envelope. All EOI documents should be hand-delivered into the “Tender Box” at the NIWA Headquarters, Lokoja not later than 12:00noon on Monday 28th August, 2017. Only successful Bidders from the Expression of Interest Exercise shall be issued Request for Proposals (Rfp) for the Projects.


  • Prequalification documents and Expression of Interest (EOI) shall be opened on Monday 28th August, 2017 whereas only Technical documents from the combined Financial and Technical submissions shall be opened on Wednesday 20th September, 2017 respectively immediately after the closure of submission of bids at 12:00 noon at the Conference Hall of NIWA Headquarters, Lokoja. Bidders should further note that for the combined technical and financial submissions, the Financial proposals should be denominated in Naira, and only Tenders that were adjudged successful in the Technical Evaluation, shall have their Company’s Financial Tenders opened at a date to be communicated to those concerned.
  • Bidders and/or their Representatives, relevant Professional Bodies and NGOs are invited to witness the Opening exercise accordingly.


  1. Submission of Tender documents to NIWA is neither a commitment nor an obligation to award contract to any contractor or his agent;
  2. Advertisement for invitation for Prequalification, Technical and Financial Bid and Expression of Interest should not be construed as a commitment on the part of NIWA or shall it entitle any contractor to make any claim whatever or seek any indemnity from NIWA;
  3. Due diligence would be observed as all documented claims by the Contractors are subject to verification;
  4. NIWA reserves the right to take final decision on any of the documents received for this Tender process;
  5. Original documents submitted for this Tender should be available for sighting on demand in the course of the procurement process;
  6. All requirements above should be read in conjunction with other requirements contained in the Tender documents;
  7. Late submission of Tender shall be rejected.

GM (Procurement)
For: Management



1.0 Preamble
On Tuesday 25th July, 2017, National Inland Waterways Authority in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Transportation, held a one-day International Conference and Exhibition to address a critical national concern under the theme “Improving Navigability and Inland Ports Development for Sustainable Investment on Nigerian Waterways”.

The conference provided an opportunity for stakeholders in the Maritime and Logistics Sector to deliberate, review, improve and formulate actionable plans and initiatives towards reinventing the Nigerian Inland Waterways to be in the league of world class and to encourage Private Sector participation in inland waterways ventures.

The Welcome Address was delivered by the Managing Director/CEO NIWA, Boss Mustapha. The keynote Address was delivered by the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, CON. Goodwill messages from the National Assembly were delivered by the Chairman, House Committee on Ports, Harbours and Waterways, Rt. Hon. Pat Asadu and the Chairman, Senate Committee on Marine Transport, represented by Senator Ahmed Ogembe. Also present is former Minister of Transportation, Rear Admiral Porbeni (rtd).

Over 550 participants of different stakeholder groups in the Maritime and Logistics sectors attended the International Conference and Exhibition notably, the Managing Director NPA, the Executive Secretary Shippers’ Council, the Ag. Director General ICRC, representatives of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Nigeria Shipowners’ Association (NISA), NIMASA, Hydro Marine, Nigerian Customs Services, Federal Ministry of Transportation, Nigerian Police Command – Lagos State, LASWA, OSGOF, Nigerian Railway Corporation, Traditional Rulers, Ministry of Information, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Maritime Academy of Nigeria – Oron, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Kogi State Government, Niger State Government, Ogun State Government, Nasarawa State Government, Adamawa State Government, Commercial Institutions, Texas Connection Ferries, Gani Tarzan Maritime Services, Sandeep SFNGH, Multimodal Transport Limited, ATBOWAT, and many more.

2.0 At the end of the summit, and in the course of the discussion, attendees:
i. Expressed appreciation to the National Inland Waterways Authority and their collaborators, Federal Ministry of Transportation for taking the initiative to organize the International Conference and Exhibition of All-stakeholders. The conference noted that it was “indeed a platform for ventilation of ideas of how to reposition Inland Waterways as a channel of transportation for the growth of Nigerian economy. As we believe that the outcome of today’s conference will be treated with a sense of urgency and seriousness”.

ii. Observed that there was the need to adequately explore the Inland waterways as a means of boosting development in the country in view of the abundant mineral and agricultural resources available in most regions of Nigeria and the desire of the Federal Government to diversify the economy.

iii. Drew attention to the existing insecurity on waterways which could hinder engagement of Private Sector participation in the inland water transportation.

iv. Highlighted the poor state of infrastructure within the inland waterways sub-sector, including the absence of motorable access roads and rail linkages to fast track haulage services from coast to coast.

v. Stressed the imperative of automating documentation and eliminating paper-based transactions.

vi. Lamented the comparative lack of cargo for the waterways mode.

vii. Bemoaned the complicity of transactions in our port system.

viii. Urged NIWA to improve its channel management and dredging activities.

Other Features
The International Conference and Exhibition also featured:
i. Commissioning/Unveiling of the NIWA Harvester Vessel (FXB-11) and Aquatic Vegetation Cutter (AVC) otherwise known as Swamp Devil;
ii. Book Launch by the Hon. Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, CON. The Book compiles the proceedings of the 1st NIWA ICE held in 2014.

Technical Sessions
Three Papers were presented:
i. Imperatives for enhancing navigation and inland port operations on Nigerian Waterways by Srdja Ljesevic, Head of Center for Port Operations, Port Governance Agency, Republic of Serbia.
The Paper was moderated by Hadiza Bala Usman – (MD/CEO NPA) and discussed by Dabney Shallholma (Mrs.) and Prof. C. C. Ibe.

ii. Deriving the benefits of investment in coastal and inland shipping operations on Nigerian Waterways by Otunba Kunle Folarin, Managing Director, Kenprima Nig. Ltd & Chairman, Nigerian Ports Consultative Council.
The Paper was moderated by Hassan Bello – (E.S. NSC) and discussed by Prof. Dele Badejo and Chief G. J. Notoma.

iii. Inland Water Transportation Optimization – The PPP Imperative delivered by Engr. Chidi K. C. Izuwah, Snr., Acting Director General/CEO, Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission.
After the technical paper presentation sessions, syndicate group discussion teams were formed. At the end of the discussions of the two (2) teams, the following recommendations emerged:

3.0 Recommendations
In view of the foregoing and after extensive deliberations, the Conference attendees called on the National Inland Waterways Authority to:
a. Enthrone a stable legal framework for the inland waterways subsector and initiate a strategic policy to promote development in the sector.
b. Develop the capacity of Nigerian inland waterways and grow traffic for the different river ports for operating inland water vessels.
c. Create interconnectivity between inland waterways and inland rail to create a viable commercial transport and logistics hub in Nigeria
d. Quickly work toward better collaboration among maritime agencies.
e. Engage in Partnership with Stakeholders to commence joint operations along the common trade corridors in Nigeria.
f. Rapid development of our coast to coast traffic e.g. Ganaja to Shintaku, Agenebode to Idah etc.
Other recommendations include:
i. Tackling Security Challenges facing Water Transportation headlong.
ii. Development of infrastructure facilities to aid water transportation.
iii. Provision of navigational aids to be given adequate attention.
iv. Encourage Private Sector participation in inland water transport through provision of adequate incentives to active investors.
v. Woo private investors in inland waterways subsector to invest in the window of opportunities prevalent in the sector.

The Organizers were finally called on to:
a. Sustain the platform created by the conference, as the conference was described as a good beginning for raising awareness about integrating and fusing the plans of inland waterways, and getting the acceptance of major stakeholders and the public.
b. Implement river training works to achieve all-year round navigation.

4.0 In closing
National Inland Waterways Authority expressed gratitude to the Hon. Minister of Transportation and Members of the National Assembly, State Governments, Captains of Industries, other Distinguished Guests and Stakeholders, the media, security agencies, and Maritime Agencies for their contributions and support towards the success of the Conference.

Dated this 25th July, 2017

Amaechi Commends Boss Gida as NIWA Commences River Niger Maintenance Dredging

The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Chibuike Ameachi flagged off the of the maintenance dredging of the River Niger from Ajaokuta to Onitsha and commended the Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) Boss Gida Mustapha for looking inwards.

Mr. Amaechi while while flagging off the maintenance dredging at Julius Berger Jetty in Ajaokuta on Friday 28 April 2017 said NIWA was making progress by maintaining the channel in-house, thereby saving the country some billions of Naira.

“This is the best form of administration you can get being ingenious because we don’t have money to pay any contractor. I asked if they have the capacity to do the dredging, why then did we have to commit over N40 billion and we pay N34 billion. Imagine if we mobilize N10 billion for NIWA to do it with its staff, that would save the country N24 billion.

“That amount can build the road from Abaji to Lokoja. That has to do with the management of resources so I must commend the Managing Director of NIWA for his initiative” he said.

Amaechi promised to ensure that NIWA was fully empowered to continue to carry the regular maintenance dredging with bigger and more standard dredgers if he remained the minister.

He said the River Niger was extremely important in terms of economic activities in the North, adding that it was the major river that links the North to the South which will ensure life is brought back in terms of navigation.

He stressed that he hoped to see the full Concession of the Onitsha River Port before the end of the year, completion of the Lokoja River port and supply of cargo handling equipment at Baro River Port.

“These I believe will complement activities at the Lokoja River Port and crest multiple benefits with attendant multiplier effects on the economy, particularly in promoting multi-modal transport and cheaper coastal services across 28 States of the federation.

“With this, National Inland Waterways Authority is now poised to improve the navigability of the waterways, increase the value of water fronts and generate economic activities along the River banks as well as the riverine communities” he said.

He promised that the National Inland Waterways Authority would make their efforts and other Waterway users seamless as possible by further deepening the channels and ensuring that the Ajaokuta-Onitsha route was navigable all the year round.

FG to Launch Dredging of 162km Ajaokuta-Onitsha Waterways

The Nigerian Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has disclosed plans by the federal government to launch the dredging of the 162 km Ajaokuta-Onitsha waterways on April 28, in Kogi.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday, Amaechi said that the dredging was an initiative of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

The Minister commended the Managing Director of NIWA for the initiative, adding that already, the organisation had mobilised its dredgers to carry out maintenance dredging on the Ajaokuta-Onitsha waterways, to ensure smooth navigation of barges and vessels.

“This is a good idea; the NIWA Boss tries to get back our old dredgers to do the dredging by ourselves, not by contract, because we do not have money to award contract.

“Those companies that can use barges can move their freight; it is 2.5 metres raft. We just want the waterways to be navigable,’’ the minister said.

He said that the move would go a long way in facilitating the transportation of freight to the eastern part of the country.

The first phase of the project would include 80 metres radius from the ramp, 250 metres upstream and 50 metres down stream.

Source: Daily Post