1.0) Application for approval/permits for all activities regulated by the National Inland Waterways Authority Act Cap N47 of thr Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 shall be addressed to the Managing Director, attention the Area Manager under whose jurisdiction the proposed activities are taking place.

1.1) An application form shall be collected on payment of specified fees for the activity.

1.2) A processing fee shall accompany the completed form with a formal letter from the company/Application and all other relevant documents.

1.3) All applications shall be submitted at least 30 days to the commencement of the work.

2.0) Inspection

On submission of application, arrangement shall be made for the inspection of the site of the activities by the relevant officers of the Authority.

2.1) Cost of Inspection
Inspection fee shall be paid preceding the site inspection.

3.0) Billing/Permit Processing
Upon approval of an application a bill shall be raised for settlement prior the issuance of Authority’s permit.

4.0) Monitoring/Supervision
Officers of the Authority shall have access to site at all time to ensure compliance.

5.0) Renewal
Application for renewal could be made to extend or roll over permit/license upon payment of prescribed fees.

5.1) Renewal applications must be made within 90days from the day of expiration.

6.0) Validation of Permits
Where a permit is not utilized after the expiry date stated, a revalidation application shall be required to revalidate at a prescribed fee, However failure to utilize a permit without any cogent reason shall render such permit invalid.

7.0) Termination of Permits
Any breach of the terms and conditions of permit could lead to its termination.

8.0) Penalty
As prescribed by the Act establishing the Authority and other appropriate regulations/laws.


A. Dredging

A.1) Definition: Take sand, gravel or stone from the waterways either by manual, hydraulic or mechanical means.

A.2) Submission to the office
2.1) A completed application form and letter of intent with prescribed application fee for each location.

2.2) Two(2) copies of pre-dredge survey drawings of the channel and the adjoining land.

2.3) Two(2) copies of Post Survey drawing done in conjunction with NIWA and to be carried out immediately on completion of the dredging works.

2.4) Current Operational Permit of the dredger to be submitted.

A.3 Dues, Rates and Charges

2.5 Other Conditions

2.5.1 An Environmetal Impact Assessmsnt and Survey is a prerequisite for all locations of activity and shall be repeated at the end of every 18 months.

2.5.2 Sand winning shall be evenlt spead over borrow pit to a depth not exceeding 5m at any spot.

2.5.3 Restrictive and channel buoys must be in place to guide other navigating vessels. Such buoys and signages shall be supervised by the Authority.

2.5.4 operations shall not constitute disturbances to traffic on the waterways or distruption of the socio-economic life of the project community and the neighbouring communities.

B. Reclamation

B.1). Definition: The use of dredged materials (sand,gravel,rock etc)from the waterways for filling and improvement.

B.2). Submission to the office: As applicable under dredging

B.3). Dues Rates and Charges

C. Canalisation/Dredging of Slots

C.1) Definition
Creating an artificial water channel for use by the removal of sand/gravel/rock and water diversion including mud sweeping.

C.2 Submission to the office: as applicable under dredging.

C.3 Dues Rates and Charges: As applicable under reclamation and water diversion.

C.4 Other Conditions
4.1 A detailed design of the proposed canal is a pre-requisite.
4.2 All other conditions as applicable under dredging.

D. Diversion of Water/Blockage of Secondary Channel

D.1) Definition
An act that involves the alteration of the discharge in a channel of waterways either by suction,canalization or blocking of secondary channel.

D.2) Submission to the office
2.1 A completed application form, with a letter of intent from the applicant to be submitted, including:
– Method of Canalization
– Volume of water to be discharged
– Duration of diversion
– Environmental Impact Assessment
– Type of equipment to be used
– Safety procedure for the users

2.2 Two(2) copies of the drawings of the diversion to be attached.

D.3 Dues Rates and Charges
1. Application For – ₦25,000.00
2. Processing fee – ₦150,000.00
3. Inspection fee – ₦150,000.00
4. Monitoring fee (renewable) – ₦450,000.00
5. Volume diverted (Per Litre)
i. Cutting of slots/artificial waterways – ₦0.50
ii. Agriculture purpose – ₦0.10
iii. Local use – ₦0.50

D.4 Other Conditions
4.1 A comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment must be submitted after every 18 months of operations.

E. Sand Search

E.1 Definition: Involves establishing of availability and quality sand by borehole or borrow

E. Dues Rates/Charges of the Authority
1. Application form – ₦25, 000.00
2. Inspection fee – ₦150,000.00
3. Processing Fee – ₦150,000.00
4. Search fee (per borehole) – ₦100,000.00 per borehole.

E.3 Other Conditions
3.1 Minimum separation distance between boreholes – 25m

F. Use of Right-of-Way

F.1 Definition
Use of waterways and area of land along the waterfront as defined in section 12 (I)(2) of the Act CAP N47 LFN 2004.

F.2 Submission to the office
2.1 A completed application form and a letter of intent from the company/Applicant to be accompanied by prescribed processing fee.

2.2 Two (2) copies of survery plan of area required (including drawings of existing structures or proposed structure).

2.3 Other relevant documents

F.3 Classifications
3.1 Pleasure (A) Covers boats and yacht clubs
3.2 Domestic (B) Residential purposes
3.3 Community (C) Services which provide mass transportation for the riverine Population and agricultural purpose.

3.4 Commercial Services(D)
I. General cargo
II. Integrated/industrial purposes
III. Marine and engineering Service: required for offshore drilling operations and boat repairs, fabrications ,slipways, pipes and material supplies dredging and oil base.


* – for Lagos, Eket and Port Harcourt locations.
** – for Warri, Yenagoa and Asaba.
*** – for all other areas.


5.1 The construction of Hydro Electric Power Dams and its occpation including related facilities on Navigable Waterways and its Right of Ways.

a. Application – ₦300,000.00
b. Processing – ₦5,000.000.00
c. Inspection per annum – ₦5,000,000.00
d. Monitoring per annum – ₦25,000,000.00
e. Dam structures and related facilities of Navigable Waterways and its right-of-way fees per annum – ₦10,000.00/m2

F.6 Other conditions
6.1 Bush clearing and earthworks are restricted under use of right-of-way.

G. Advertising within the Right-of-Way

G.1 Dues,Rates and Charges:(per Advert)
Application fee – ₦25,000.00
Processing fee – ₦150,000.00
Inspection fee – ₦150,000.00
Monitoring fee – ₦75,000.00

H. Pipelines Laying/Crossing

H.1 Submission to the office:

1.1 A completed application form and letter of intent with prescribed application fee for each
1.2 Two(2) copies of pre-and post survey drawing showing the pipeline main line and by pass across and along the rivers
1.3 Two (2) copies of drawing showing
(i) Water level
(ii) Top of pipe and cover on the river bed not less than 3.5m
1.4 Map/charts of the route drawn at a scale not less than 1:10,000 that show either directly or
With the aid of legend.
(i) The location of the pipeline
(ii) The size of the pipe to be installed
(iii) Co-ordinate of control beacons (x,y,z) on either side of the river bank.
(iv) Information on guage and zero reference of such guage(if any)
(v) Chart datum reduction and chart datum value to have the water level/pipe over
1.5 Design drawing for crossing bank, protection plan.
1.6 Navigation Aid/Buoys Markings at crossing plan.
1.7 Method of installation and fixing
1.8 Expected life span
1.9 Environment Impact Assessment

H.2 Dues,Rates and Charges
2.1 Application form – ₦50,000.00
2.2 Processing fee – ₦150,000.00
2.3 Inspection fee – ₦150,000.00
2.4 Monitoring fee per site per annum – ₦750,000.00
2.5 Lenght of pipeline per metre – ₦2,500.00
2.6 Annual occupational fees per location – ₦5,000,000.00

H.3 Trenching associated with pipeline laying should be billed as prescribed under dredging.

1. An operator is to submit to the authority not later than 15th day of each month and at the end of each calendar year,a report summarizing the operation of the pipeline during the previous month or preceeding year and any significant events that occurred during the month/year including:
(a) A description of any modifications made to the picture and
(b) A description of the nature and frequency of inspection surveys and surveillance of the pipeline conducted during the month/year and summary of the results of such inspections, survey and surveillance.

2. A. A cross section profile of pipeline route shall be provided on a different sheet
B.for land area, a perimeter survey plan of the area of land under application.

3. The pipeline crossing shall be exhumed whenever it is so equired by overriding matters.

4. The proposed marine trenching pipe-laying and laying and back-filling /leveling for flow-line(s) shall be for minimum depth or 3.5m below the river bed.
(i) A shore protection work shall be done on both banks spanning 100meters upstream and downstream of the pipeline.

(ii) Within the right-of-way (ROW) of navigable waterways conspicuous MARKING (IN WORDS AND MARITIME SIGNS) shall be displayed upstream and down-stream on two(2) alternate banks at 50m spacing 5m from from the higher water(HW) level ashore for a distance of 500m to announce the legality of the underlaying flow line(s).

(iii) Channel guides warnings shall include “Prohibition of Release of Anchor/Anchoring in the vicinity of the crossing” OR Pipeline crossing and high Tension Cables crossing shall marked on both banks with shore boards not less than 3m by 2m painted with reflective paints and the following inscription written reflective paints as the case may be: “Pipeline: No anchorage: No Mooring”.

I. Utility Lines (Electricity,Telephone,Waterpipe,Cables/Pylons)

A.1.1 Dues,Rates and Charges.
As applicable to pipeline laying and crossing

J. Bridges

J.1 Submission to the office
1.1 A completed application form and letter of intent from the applicant.
1.2 Two (2) copies of the bathy metric survey of the bridge area minimum of 500m upstream and downstream of the waterways.
1.3 Designs and working Drawings.

J.2 Dues Rates and Charges
1. Application form – ₦25,000.00
2. Processing fee – ₦150,000.00
3. Inspection fee – ₦750,000.00
4. Monitoring fee – ₦1,125,000.00
5. Approval fee per metre lenght- ₦2,500.00

J.3 Other Conditions
3.1 Clearance depends on the width of the waterways
3.2 Proper shore protection work of 100m on both sides of the bridge and parallel to the channel is mandatory.
3.3 Designations of upstream and downstream traffic under the bridge etc.
3.4 Adequate reflective lighting at the sunlit and both side of the bridge.
3.5 Environmental Impact Assessment.

K. Survey, Underwater Engineering Works And Removal Of Wrecks

K.1 Definition
1.1 Perform hydrographic surveys, seismic survey, drilling and underwater engineering works and wreck removal.

Completed application form with letter of intent, stating :
(i) Method of survey/works
(ii) Duration of Survey/works
(iii) Commencement date
(iv) Work Programme

K.2 Dues Rates and Charges
1. Application Form – ₦25,000.00
2. Processing fee – ₦150,000.00
3. Inspection fee – ₦450,000.00
4. Monitoring fee – ₦750,000.00

K.3 Other condition
1.1 Charges to be determined after necessary surveys and investigation.
1.2 An approval to clear a wreck from waterways at applicant/firm cost will attract the sharing of the value of the salvage with NIWA in the ration 2:1.
1.3 Salvage wrecks remain property of NIWA until the owner pays the charges.
1.4 The Authority shall have the right to remove any wrecks directly obstructing the declared Right of way.

L. Hydrological Information

L.1 Submission to the office
1.1 A letter of intent from the applicant indicating
(i) Type of data required (raw, processed hydrological year book etc)
(ii) Purpose of collecting the data

L.2 Dues, Rates and Charges
1. Application form – ₦5,000.00
2. Raw gauge data (per station year) – ₦7,500.00
3. Processed gauge data (per station year)- ₦15,000.00
4. Discharged data (per location) – ₦35,000.00
5. Hydrological year book (per volume) – ₦75,000.00
6. Fresh Discharge measurement per station – ₦450,000.00

M. Charts and Maps

M.1) Submission to the office
1.1 Application letter stating the purpose, the length and the area required.

M.2) Dues,Rate and Charges
2.1 Charts attracts ₦1,000.00 per kilometer on the ground
2.2 Maps attract ₦20,000.00 per sheet

N. Wharfare And Berthing

N.1 Submission to the office
1.1 A letter of request stating:
(i) Name of Boats/Registration Number
(ii) Type
(iii) Size
(iv) Duration of Stay
(v) Reason for stay
(vi) Any other useful information

N.2 Dues,Rates and Charges
1. 10-20metre – ₦20,000.00 per day
2. 21-30metre – ₦25,000.00 per day
3. 31-40” – ₦35,000.00 per day
4. Above 41 – ₦50,000.00 per day

O. Warehouse

O.1 Submission to office
1.1 A complete application form and letter of intent stating;
(i) Name of company/applicant
(ii) Type and quantity of goods to be stored
(iii) Type and quantity of goods to be restored.
(iv) Duration of storage
(v) Evidence of certification of relevant regulatory Government agencies e.g. Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Nigerian Customs Services (NCS), NAFDAC.
(vi) any other relevant information (including evidence of ownership).

O.2 Dues,charges and Rates
1. Less than 3m:- ₦225.00/m2/day
2. 3m-6m:- ₦150.00/m2/day
3. 6m-9m:- ₦90.00/m2/day
4. Above 9m:- ₦50.00/m2day

P. Examination Fees For Proficiency

P.1 Application form and examination fee – ₦15,000.00

Q. Registration Of Crafts & Vessels and Survey Fees For River Crafts

Q.2 Vessels less than 500T
Types of craftRegistration
1.Dredger/Houseboats/Tug Boat – ₦375,000,00
2.Barges and any other craft – ₦150,000.00

Q.3 Vessels more than 500T
Types of craftRegistration
1.Dredger/Houseboats/Tug Boat – ₦750,000,00
2.Barges and any other craft – ₦300,000.00

R. Vessels Re-Certificate Fees

As applicable under survey of River crafts

S. Utility Rates Within Dockyards/River Ports

(I) Water ₦3.00/liter
(ii) Electricity ₦15,000.00 per day

T. River Guide/Pilotage

(I) River Guide – ₦25,000.00 per night per guide

U. Passage and Tolls

Any sea/ocean/coastal going vessel that comes into inland waterways.

U.1 Fees Passage – $300 per day or equivalent

U.2 Tolls : Appropriate Tolls shall be collection of NIWA facilities such as groynes, barges, locks,etc and along the waterways.

V. Permit Fees For River Crafts Per Annum

V.1 Permit Fees

W. Operational Certificates For River Craft

X. Slipway and Dockyard Services








This shall be in accordance with approved or standard governmental policy Guideline and/or of Maritime and International practice.

(i) Oil spillage
(ii) Effluents of hazardous discharges.
(iii) Dilapidated float equipment

The Authority shall provide consultancy services.

Y. Ferry Service Charge

Under reveiw

Z. Ferrying Vehicles

AA. Equipment and Property Leasing

AA.1 Equipment Leasing
i. Global positing systems (GPS) receivers complete with accessories @₦45,000 per day
ii. Echo sound @₦40,000 per day
iii. Total Station @₦30,000.00 per day
iv. Leveling instrument ₦15,000 per day
v. Theodolite ₦15,000 per day
vi. Complete discharge measurement equipment ₦100,000,00 per day
vii. Software application @ ₦15,000.00 per set of data per day.
viii. Digitizing/Plotting/Printing of map @ ₦10,000.00 per sheet.

AA.2 Landed Property
Shall attract rates as per current market value and in accordance with government policy guideline.

AB. Design and Construction of Inland Crafts

1.1 Application form – ₦25,o00.00
1.2 Processing fee – ₦75,000.00
1.3 Approval fee per craft – ₦375,000.00

1. Construction Drawings/Designs
2. Details/Particulars of the craft

Construction must be satisfied through an international Surveyor to meet international standard. Inspection and Monitoring cost to be borne by the applicant.

AC. Health and Safety Equipment

Provision of the following Equipment on Board are mandatory.
First Aid box
Life Jacket
Life Buoys
Fire Extinguisher
Sand bucket
Life Rafts for cargo vessels

Note: Non compliance shall attract appropriate penalty

All the foregoing rates/tariffs aforementioned not withstanding, and without absolute restrictions to the various guidelines contained herein, general review(inclusive of incidentals and/or inadvertent exclusion) shall form addendum in-parts from time to time as the need arises(as reviewed/revised edition).

Approved by Rotimi Amaechi, Honourable Minister of Transportation, with effect from 12 February, 2016.